Akasha in Culver City

Came to Akasha for our Holiday Work Party and It was both  DELICIOUS and aiiite.  We got a large table in the back and was able to order right away.  The service was a bit choppy (maybe it was busy that day?) and we kept having to ask for things from different people.  It also seemed like we were annoying to the waitress…which didn’t feel good as a customer.  Since we were a large party, I’m sure we were all asking for things…but it was still dissatisfying to be on the receiving end of an annoyed waitress.  * shrug *

I’ve only ever come to Akasha for dinner, so it was a great treat to come for lunch.  I think the dinner menu selection is far better, but salads/sandwiches/soups were exactly what my lunch party wanted anyway.

Here’s what I got with my coworker below:

Chop Salad–needed a little more dressing and the chicken was on the dry side.  I was disappointed with this one.


Burger with Bacon & Onion Rings

SOOOOO amazing.  The burger was too big to eat all together so I ate the onion rings first =)  The burger comes with a siracha aoili that was like crack.  I asked for more like 3x.  Dipped my burger, fries, and the onion rings in it!


Steak Sandwich–didn’t get to try this but my coworkers said it was AHHMAZING


Our Group =)



Our grouo got tons of dessert but I was so busy eating I forgot to take pictures.  =P.  I got the affogato, which was delicious.  The cookies were aiiite (a little too hard), the ice cream was good, cupcakes were good and the coffee was amaaazing (intelligentsia).

Akasha is a great restaurant to come to~ clean and modern decor, great food, awesome bar, and generally great service.  I would totally recommend this restaurants for date night, work parties, dinner with friends, etc.



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