New Years Day

Every year, Koreans around the world gather for a New Year’s Day celebration.  It’s a time for family to gather, eat dduk guk, bow to our elders and play yoot.  (more info on that here)

Since Markel and I are orphans in LA (my family lives in Hawai’i), we had to do a little celebrating on our own.  I made Mandoo Guk and Kimchi Fried Rice.  Both of these are…totally not the traditional dishes I grew up with.  I made mandoo (dumpling) soup instead of dduk (rice cake) soup b/c I was too lazy to go buy the dduk and Markel doesn’t love dduk as much as mandoo.  LOL

The Kimchi Fried rice was just something I really wanted to eat. =P  So that’s why we had.




Random Blueberry Pie + Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert that doesn’t go with the meal.  haha  It was a whole meal of “random”. =)




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