Oyster Bar in Las Vegas

I CANNOT believe I didn’t know about this place sooner!!  Oyster Bar was one of my greatest new finds. ❤

It was inside the Palace Hotel which was off the strip and well…not the nicest hotel.  The amenities/decor/smell/crowd…

BUT this tiny oyster bar that only seats 18 people was a HUGE surprise and diamond in the rough.  We heard the wait could be about 3 hours long.  LUCKILY, we got there around 9pm and only had to wait about 30-40 minutes.


The Oyster Bar



When we got seated, we ordered right away!  The first thing we got (we ordered in couples) was 1 dozen fresh oysters per couple.  The oysters were freshly chucked and HUUUGE.  like the size of my palm.  We were nearly full JUST from eating the oysters~ that’s how big they were.  Normally large oysters aren’t as sweet or tastey as the smaller ones.  But these babies were TAASTEYY.




The sourdough roll that came out first was…beyond amazing.  It was hot and fresh.  As tempted as we were to gobble it down, we had to save it for our main dishes!


Spicy Bloody Mary and Beer (both so cheap!)


Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters!  We ordered 2 tequila and 1 vodka.  SOOO GOOD.  I was really buzzed after the two “shots”.


Our OYSTERS!!  look at how small the lemon wedges and roll are compared to the meat of the oysters!


We ordered the House Gumbo at level 8 spicy.  I would recommend level 5 or 6 though.  I liked the kick, but after a while it was overwhelming and you couldn’t taste the food anymore.  The gumbo was good.  I wish there were some more chunks of lobster and crab~ nevertheless it was the best gumbo I’ve ever had.


Our friends ordered the combo pan seared dish and I honestly thought that was much better than the gumbo.  It had a tomato cream base and even at level 9/10 spicy…it was amazing.  No matter how much of it we ate, I didn’t get tired of it like I did with the Gumbo.

If you get a chance to go out to Vegas, PLEASE stop by the Oyster Bar.  It’s open 24 hours and totally worth the wait.  There were tons of things on the menu I really wanted to try, so I can’t wait to go baaack!

Oyster Bar’s Wesbite



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