Kreation Kafe & Juicery

Went to Kreation Kafe during my winter break on Abbot Kinney.  I forgot how gorgeous this area is for brunch on the weekends!

Kreation Kafe is all organic and specializes in detox/healthy juices and smoothies.  I haven’t tried them, but the menu selection for it looked REALLY good.

The ambiance of the Kafe was outdoor rustic chic.  The floor was carpeted with fake grass, the tables were gorgeous wood planks, drinks came in mason jars, and the layout was open and airy.  The wait staff was incredibly nice and the entire place was super dog friendly (good for us!).

Coffee: Cafe Latte & Cafe Espresso: both were incredibly rich and frothy.  It was a total treat to get these cups.  Markel and I are used to always drinking pots of coffee, so we enjoyed this change.

Food: Eggs Benedict.  One with Salmon and one with Prosciutto.  LOVED the twist with the salmon, but didn’t love the bread that it came on.

Not sure I would order that dish again, but there were lots of things on the menu that I’d like to try.  I would totally recommend this brunch place to friends.  Not as the best place of all time, but for a great place to sit and relax on abbot kinney~~  The vibe is very “LA” with beautiful people, organic food and dogs at every table.  Oh and the food is fairly good. =)


We obviously got in trouble for putting Lucy on the table.  Markel’s friends were taking pictures of her in comparison to the cups. =P



Eggs Benedict with Prosciutto


Eggs Benedict with Salmon


Monaco (didn’t try this but my friend devoured it)


Cute salt/sugar jars on the tables


Chocolate chip cookie


Our little Lucy Bear ❤


Part of the decor




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