BCD on New Year’s Eve

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!  I rarely get to go b/c I’m pretty lazy about food in ktown.  After going to a new year’s eve party, my friends and I hit up BCD (tofu house) and got 2 galbi combo meals.  AHHMAZING.  The galbi beef was melt in your mouth delicious with a great juicy seasoning.  Markel doesn’t do very well with spice, so we ordered our soondoobu (tofu stew) at medium spice.  I normally would have gotten the spiciest level~~ which I think is SUPER BOMB.  The medium spiced one…tasted really bland to me.  (aka don’t order)

The banchan (side dishes) that come out are deliiiic as well.  They change a little bit depending on what’s in season or what’s in stock, but they always have ONE STAPLE: fish.  I LOVE eating these little whole fishes with rice & banchan, but on this night (while intoxicated) it was too much.  It was so hard to find the little bones  so after swallowing a few bones, I just stopped trying.  *sigh *  But normally I love this little treat!

I love BCD and would highly recommend this place!!  Whether you’re drunk, sober, starving…BCD is consistently delicious. There are tons of locations all over LA and OC and all are open 24 hours/7days a week/365 days a year. =)

Note: Don’t expect 5-star service though~ the ladies are politely rushing through the restaurant serving a million tables and requests.




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