I’ve been super sick since last Friday and one of the get well meals that Markel brought home was from Phorage on Overland.


Berkshire Pork lemon grass pork shoulder & pork belly, cucumbers, cilantro, craft pickles, mayo

The bread on this thing was UNBELIEVABLE.  And the sandwich was really tasty.


Mary’s Free Range Chicken w/ shredded Mary’s chicken

It had a fishier broth than what I’m used too and the bok choy was mushy soft. 


Spring Rolls

They were fresh and tastey.  Not the best Spring rolls I’ve had, but hit the spot.  The peanut dipping sauce was light and paired well with the rolls.


Overall I wasn’t incredibly impressed with Phorage, BUT I don’t think it’s fair to judge quite yet.  #1- I was sick, so my taste buds were probably off. #2- It was to-go.  I want to go to the restaurant and eat in house before officially making a judgement call.  They definitely do things differently than what I’m used to, so I want to go back one more time.  If you’re in palms or culver city, stop by!  It’s on the corner of Rose and Overland. =)


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