Gjelina in Venice

Markel and I went out to his friend’s birthday at Gjelina in Venice about a month ago.  It’s an awesome little place on abbot kinney that’s easy to miss.  I went once about 4 years ago and my experience was just as delicious as the first time.  I love the ambiance of the restaurant.  It’s dark, rustic and trendy.  Venice (especially abbot kinney) has such a unique vibe and Gjelina is one of the key places to visit!  (note: the line can get ridiculously long if you go without a reservation or during a popular time.  we got lucky this night b/c we ate dinner at 930-10pmish)

My party ordered:

Oysters~~ amazing, fresh and tasty dressings


The Boys


Smoked Mozzarella, confit tomato, jalapeno, arugula, lemon and bottarga pizza

–didn’t try this one but everyone said it was amazing


Brussels Sprouts

–delicious!!  My favorite thing to get


Lamb sausage, confit tomato, rapini, pecorino & asiago pizza

–deliiiicious.  pretty spicy so if you’re not into that, I’d pick another one.


Can’t remember what this one was…probably Blanco?


Our dinner group =)



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