After going to Hawaii for the past 10 years, I CANNOT believe I never tried ZIPPY’S!!!  The locals all kind of down played it so I was SHOCKED when it was literally the most delicious food I had eaten on Oahu this past trip!  Sounds pretty insane that I’m saying that, but it’s completely true.  SO FREAKING AMAZING.


We ordered Zippy’s Chili over Rice, Korean Chicken, Pupu Platter with Katsu, spam and portugese sausage.

The Korean Chicken Wings…seriously blow you away.  The marinade on them was sweet and spicy.  *drool*  I could have eaten a whole bucket of them.  The chili was spicy and hearty over a bowl of sticky rice.  And finally, the Chicken katsu and meat buffet were little bites of heaven.

I go to Hawaii just about every summer (my family lives there) and I plan to make Zippy’s one of my usual stops!

(Oh, warning…Zippy’s is like a diner or a fast food restaurant.  You will  not be impressed with anything except for the food)


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