Mama’s Home Cookin’

When we were in Hawaii, my mama cooked up a STORM!  She is seriously the best cook in the world and I ALWAYS crave everything she makes.  My mouth is watering even as I write this post!!

Here are some amazing things we got to eat with her~~

home breaded shrimp tempura, veggie bean pancakes, TONS of kimchi


udon noodle stirfry, tons of egg pancakes with different fillings, and my favorite FISH!


Homemade Sushi Rolls (I call them gimbap) and MASUBI!!


Papaya…holy crap.  I’m in heaven whenever I’m eating papaya.  My mom buys them by the box down at a local warehouse and we make smoothies with them, eat them fresh or mix it with yogurt!  YUMMM


Oh man…I could eat her homecookin’ FOREVERRR.  SO freaking amazing.  It’s probably why the Chang family is so fat!  haha

Anyway…Happy Saturday Everyone!!


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