The Little Door

I went to The Little Next Door for DineLA this past weekend and it SERIOUSLY blew my socks off.  I’ve heard a lot about this restaurant and the food/service/ambiance lived up to its reputation AND MORE!

I have to say…I hate french food.  I’m not a fan of the wine reductions and the way that food is prepared.  This is what I THOUGHT before going to The Little Next Door.  Have I hyped this place up enough yet?

The service the entire night was phenomenal.  I love a good waitstaff that knows what you need before you ask for it.

The soft candle lighting and decor was gorgeous and really made the entire restaurant cozy.  There’s an indoor and outdoor area and both are gorgeous.  I especially loved the rustic wooden table we had our dinner on.

Food…plating, presentating, portions and tastes…BLEW ME AWAY.  I was so impressed with every thought out detail!


LOVED the soft candlelight all over the restaurant.  it created the perfect ambiance.




–sooo yummy.  had to stop myself from gobbling the entire basket down.  i also used the bread to soak up the sauces of my appetizer and main dish.  YUMM


Since the low-lighting was so low…the pictures came out super dark. >.<  Sorry Guys!

Stuffed Calamari with Spinach and Mussels


Braised Loup de Mer Pinwheel with Shrimp and Fennel Mouse


before dinner pics =)



Pot de Creme (dried figs and chocolate Terriantine)


Coconut Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Sauce


Aren’t these macarons exceptional?  I checked into yelp at the end of the meal and noticed that you can get a free cookie.  I was so excited that I showed it to our waiter and he apologetically told me that it was for The Little NEXT Door, not where we were.  (eek)  I was really embarrassed and apologized for my error.

BUTTTTTT…our waiter was SO FREAKING AMAZING that he walked over next door and brought us 6 cookies!!!!  6 free macaroons.  HOW SWEET.  I was so embarrassed by my error and he was sweet enough to go out of his way to bring us these tasty desserts.

I absolutely loved the Little Door and can’t wait to go back with Markel. ❤


The Ladies ❤



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