Kim’s Housewarming

A few weekends ago Markel and I went to my neighbor’s housewarming.  They moved in a few months before but they finally got their new furniture and were ready to show off their sweet new digs!

The menu was Korean Catering and we all squealed with excitment when we saw it.  I haven’t had Korean catering in SO LONG.  Usually it’s a staple at people’s weddings, birthdays, parties~~ but these days people have been getting fancy and only doing hotel receptions.  *pshh *

(i only kid b/c we had an american plated dinner. hehe)


Here’s the amazing spread ❤





Markel (the only non-korean at the party) made the rice.  hehe  Under bad orders from me, he didn’t just make rice for 10 people.  He made rice for 20.  Oops…


The next party I have, I’m definitely getting it catered!!  I forgot how amazing it tastes.  *sigh *  I’m starting to drool…

Happy Sunday! xo


One thought on “Kim’s Housewarming

  1. You might want to tell your dinner hostess to Remove food from aluminum containers, it screams, “you aren’t worth the serving dish” Just say’n

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