Puppy treats, food and diet for a Teacup Maltipoo (part II)


The last time I posted about Lucy (post here) was right after we got her and were trying to navigate through finding what she liked and didn’t like.  She is our first dog and it feels like we’re trying to navigate raising a baby.  We’re getting used to her sleep patterns, behavior, potty training, food preferences, and play habits.  It’s a lot of work, but so far Lucy has been worth every white hair I’ve gotten from stress!  Oh, and we’ve also discovered that Lucy is probably mixed with Chihuahua.  Her fur has started to shed (could be a puppy coat) but maltipoos do not do that…so…obviously she’s not full maltipoo.  Google has dubbed her a “malCHIpoo”.

Lucy is a picky eater and doesn’t eat very much in one sitting.  She likes to smell or lick things, but once she’s decided she doesn’t like it~~ there’s no going back.  Here are a few new things that I’ve added to her diet that she’s really loved.

Raw Beef

Lucy LOVED raw beef.  I gave her a small cup of ground beef and she gobbled it up SO FAST.  Immediately after she ate it, Lucy’s energy levels went through the roof and her next solid elimination was…much larger than normal.  I don’t give this to her often but she does seem stronger and more energized afterwards.

I’ve given her cooked beef as well and she loves it just as much.  The difference in energy isn’t as noticeable, but she eats this SO FAST.  No matter what kind, she loves beef.


Chicken Jerky from Costco

Lucy is OBSESSED with these bad boys.  We’re on our second bag now.


Boiled & Baked Chicken

Another thing Lucy cannot get enough of.  She would eat an entire chicken if she could!  We don’t add any seasonings (obviously) and keep it bland and moist.



She used to eat a few slices of this, but now she won’t go near the stuff.  It probably proved to be too sour for her?


When we first got Lucy she ate Carrots and Apples.  Now…she won’t go near them.  Not sure what has changed, but she won’t touch them now.


Some pics of Lucy Sleeping.  She has such adorable positions and dreams when she sleeps!  LOVE IT.






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Puppy treats, food and diet for a Teacup Maltipoo (PART I)


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