EMC Seafood & Raw Bar in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

EMC Seafood & Raw Bar

I have been DYING to try EMC for a while and I finally got my chance a few weeks ago with my lady friends. =)  Since there was a large group of us, we were able to order a ton of different things and try it all.

Below I got a glass of Cabernet Savignon and it was really tasty!  If you’re unsure of what to order at the bar, try a glass of cab!


The low light wasn’t very picture perfect, but the entire environment was romantic, trendy, and clean.


Waiting for the rest of our party to get here and our table to be ready.


I (of course) ordered the Hello Kitty Sangria.  I loved it!  Sweet and not too strong.  I only wish it came with a little hello kitty straw or trinket. =P


Uni Pasta

–unbelievable.  i normally think uni has too strong of a flavor.  but this pasta was seriously one of my favorite dishes of the night.  the noodles are a normal spaghetti noodle from the package taste, but the sauce and bits of uni really make this dish shine.


Lobster Roll!!

–soooooooooo delicious.  CHUNKS of Lobster in a butter sauce on a toasted roll.  i wish i could have eaten one of these all on my own.  next time =P


Clam Chowder

–amazing dish.  serious dish on the menu that doesn’t disappoint.


our table feasting!


soft shell crab sliders

–these were good but something i probably wouldn’t need to order again.  i’m not a huge fan of soft shell crab though…


Free Oysters!  Our friend had a free coupon for 3 oysters each and they were amazinggggg.  Fresh & full of flavor!


The Ladies ❤


I really loved EMC and want to go back there again with Markel.  This time I would order the lobster roll, uni pasta, oysters and maybe a few other things on the menu we didn’t get to try this last time around.



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