Tapenade in West LA


11301 W Olympic Blvd #116, Los Angeles, CA 90064

For Valentine’s Day this year, Markel made reservations at Tapenade in West LA.  It was our first time here and we were excited to find a fancy place near our apartment.  Traffic on V-day is HORRENDOUS, so we always try to stay local.  This year we even used UBER to get there and back~ which was honestly the BEST decision.  Not only did it make our date feel fancier, but we didn’t have to worry about driving, parking, or drinking too much at dinner.  UBER made our night so stress-free!  First riders get a $20 off coupon as well, so our first ride was free!! =)

Ok, now back to the food!

When we arrived at the parking lot, we were unsure of where to go.  Tapenade was pretty hidden at first and in the back corner.  Inside, the interior decor was gorgeous and clean.



you can’t tell in this picture the but pre-fixed menu was printed on really shiny pearl cardstock.  it was a nice touch.


every pair gets to choose a type of brussel sprout appetizer dish.  we chose the tunisian one.  there was some strange mix up with our order and the one next to us, so we didn’t get this first appetizer until the main appetizers had already come out (and we had to request it).  the brussel sprouts were great, rosted to perfection with cheese, bacon and spices.

Two different kinds of brussel sprouts below because they got our order wrong.


Ahi Tuna with beets

–good but not AMAZING.  the tuna was a little dry


Seared Scallops with cabbage and the most amazing sauce.

The scallops were to die for.  They were perfectly cooked and if you ate it with the cabbage + the sauce in one bite…holy moly…heaven in your mouth.



good.  not blow your mind amazing, but good.


pork chop

cooked PERFECTLY~ incredibly tender and juicy.  The cherry compote was interesting…but it was still a delicious meal.  Markel took a few bites and didn’t like it, so we switched.


nutella pana cotta

–SO FREAKING AMAZING.  I wanted to pick it up and lick it clean.


vanilla creme brule

–sooo good.  it had a little orange essence in there and it was delicious.  the fruit was also a super nice touch.


The bill came in a book form!


with macaroons inside =)


Our valentine’s day was absolutely perfect and amazing~  lucy was PASSED OUT when we got home too.  looks like she had a fun night. ❤



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