Boba Time and Chunju Han-il Kwan in Koreatown

I was SOOOO excited to try Chunju Han-il Kwan in Ktown on Sunday.  I heard so many amazing things about it and couldn’t wait to try the Buddae Jiggae, Seafood Pancake, and the Spicy Pork.

Honestly…everything we ate was delicious HOME COOKIN.  Like what I think of when I NEED delicious Korean food.  haha don’t know if that description made sense.  But all the food there was comfort food for me and my family. lThe venue is pretty small and crazy, so the wait outside is insane.  During the 30 min wait, my friend and I grabbed Boba at Boba Time next door. =)  I got the mango tea and she got a frothy milk drink that was too sweet. >.<


Now…back to the main meal!

The Banchan Spread~~ Deliciousness all around


Buddae Jiggae (The everything stew)

–REALLY hit the spot!  We ordered enough for 3 people and it not only fed 5 girls but we had some leftovers.


Seafood Pancake

–i rarely get to eat this and everytime i do, i salivate when it comes out.  korean savory pancakes always remind me of my grandma.  she made the best ones!


spicy bbq pork

–i was seriously so full by the time this came that i didn’t get to eat a lot of it.  BUT it was incredibly tender and well marinated.


I can’t wait to bring my parents back here when they come and visit from Hawaii.  I know they’ll love this little taste of home too. ❤


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