Oscars 2014: Pizza and Champs!

This Year Markel and I celebrated the Oscars with Pizza and Champs. =)  We had a long weekend of wedding festivities so it was nice to relax together -=]

Mulberries is our FAVORITE pizza in LA.  They have a few locations but the closest one to us is in Beverly Hills.  There’s something about the crust that just blows my mind each time. PLUS if you sign up for their text message alerts, you get free goodies!  Once we got a free Cesar Salad, and Sunday we got a free Spaghetti Dish. =)

For Champs, we drank almond champagne from Trader Joe’s.  It’s our favorite one.  Not only is it light and sweet, it’s only $6 a bottle!  GREAT price, especially if you’re going to throw a party. ❤



  The best way to spend Sunday evenings.  LOVED Ellen, she did such a great job hosting!



The spaghetti was normal.  Nothing fancy, but still delicious.


The most amazing pie ever~~



Even our baby Lucy was into it!  hehehe  couldn’t keep her eyes off the screen!


Click here to see what Mulberries is about and if there’s a location near you!


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