Korean BBQ Pork Belly Feast

Last week Markel and I had a little Pork Belly feast by ourselves.  I grew up eating it at home (rather than going to restaurants) so I still like to continue that tradition.  I usually buy a few things so that we can have an impromptu one whenever we feel like it! =)

I bought pork belly, thin slices of beef, and tons of veggies to go along with our meal.


Perilla Leaves.  MY FAAAVORITE lettuce wrap.


We use a george forman grill =P  It’s the perfect way to grill next to our table and have the fat drop down so we’re not eating it.


Peppers dipped in a soybean, red hot pepper paste.  My mom used to grow these peppers in our backyard growing up and I’m still obsessed with them till this day.  The peppers are seasonal so I always buy a crapload when I see them.  =P




Playing tricks on our lucy bear ❤



hehehehe seeing how she’ll get down.



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