Kay and Daves in Culver City

Markel and I went to Kay and Daves last Sunday when it was around 90 degrees. BEAUTIFUL SOCAL WEATHER.

We walked up and down washington blvd and found this adorable restaurant near the end of the street next to Trader Joe’s.  The menu looked good, the place was packed and the venue was super cute.

Unfortunately, our experience there wasn’t awesome and we won’t be returning.  The service was terrible, we had to continually flag SOMEONE down to give us water, our chips & salsa, take our order, give us our bill… GEEZ.

The food was good once it came, but Markel’s pork tacos were SUPER dry.  So the waiter brought out another kind of pork tacos that were really good.

There were good reviews on yelp about the happy hour, but I won’t be going back to find out.



This was the first set.  The one above was the second (tastey) set.


I got a Mexican inspired Eggs Benedict.  Mine was REALLY good.


Strawberry Margarita


Chips and Salsa that took FOREVER to get and when it came…it was whatevs.



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