SHED Dinner Party

Once a quarter, my friend (who is the most amazing chef) cooks up an entire dinner party: from appetizers to desserts.  She and her roommates named themselves “SHED” with the first letters of their names and their dinner parties are seriously the most anticipated events I have in my life.  Each roommate is so creative with their dishes!!

This time she made:

balsamic roasted broccoli

asian fried chicken

homemade flat bread pizza with prosciutto

thinly sliced potato

arugula and a balsamic reduction


Delicious pastries from a fellow attendee



Chocolate peanut butter cake made by SHED


Homemade Ice Cream: Vanilla & Tangerine Sorbet



Together it tasted like a creamcicle!


not pictured are the awesome cocktails that were made with homemade bitters.  *sigh *  i was too excited to drink it so i forgot to take pics =(  next time!


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