Versailles is one of those places in LA that you just HAVE to go to.  It’s a cuban restaurant located on Venice Blvd and it’s really unassuming.  The outside an inside decor is obviously cuban themed.  I found it fun, festive and authentic.

 We were seated right away but a waiter and the service the entire night was friendly, fast and quiet.  The table next to us was a loud spanish speaking group that was drinking wine and enjoying the food and I found myself peaking over at their food and drinks a lot to make sure I ordered the same thing!


The bread that came out before the meal was incredibly soft and tastey~~ probably b/c of the butter. =P  But I seriously love bread that has a soft inside and kind of tougher chewy outside.  It’s the perfect kind of bread to dip into sauces.  Know what I mean??


So every meal comes with rice, black beans, and fried plantains.  SERIOUSLY…so freaking delicious.  I can’t go over these three staples in brazilian food, cuban food and most recently, Ghanaian food!

Dish #1: OX TAIL!!  OMG the meat literally fell off the bone and it was so tender and juicy.


Dish #2: Pork!!  I totally thought this would come out in pork chop form but it came out more like shredded pork.  It was still amazing and I couldn’t get over the marinated onions!!  YUMMMM


Dish #3: Chicken!  This was what I knew Versailles for and what everyone on yelp recommended.  I think the boys I went with were intimidated to break apart the chicken but that’s my favorite part!!  So I shredded it for the table and enjoyed every bite with a little bite of rice, black beans, and onions.  YUMMMMM

I also used the bread to soak up the sauces from each of the plates.


If you’ve never been to versailles, I totally recommend this place.  Make not that this is NOT mexican food and the flavors will be different (you don’t know how many people I know who’ve made that mistake).  Parking can kind of be a pain if you go during a busy time but there’s always free street parking after 7 or 8!



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