Hero Shop LA


130 E. 6th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90014


Have you heard of Chef Eric Park?  If not and you live in LA, you cray.  His first two restaurants (Black Hogg and Sopresetta) are AMAZEBALLS.  Seriously.  Check out my reviews here, here and here.

Now, back to HERO SHOP!  Mike and I were invited to a soft opening on Saturday and when we arrived the entire store was PACKED.  Immediately I noticed the adorable sleek and masculine decor.  The line to the counter moved quickly and soon it was our turn!  We ordered the Headcheese Banhmi (I have been waiiiiiting for this one) and the Salami Banhmi.  We also ordered these rad karamucho chips below that tasted like spicy ramen.   The soda options at the restaurant were all glass bottles which I thought really added to the fun, hip, downtown vibe.  Each part of the store front, from the font of the logo, the white tile inside and the fun chips were all well thought out.


One of the studs making my banhmi sandwiches! xo


Here are the two banhmi sandwiches we ordered.  THEY WERE SO UNBELIEVABLE!!

Salami ($7)–Dry Salame, Shaved Onion, Cilantro, Daikon Relish, Fish Sauce Vinaigrette, Mayo

–OO la la, I bit into the sandwich and literally moaned.  The cilantro, daikon relish and fish sauce vinaigrette really complimented the salami.  PLUS the bread is incredibly soft and flaky~ reminded me of dutch crust bread.  LOVED it.  The jalapenos also give the entire sandwich a delicious twist but beware, it’s spicy.  Mike doesn’t LOVE spicy so we took them out after his first bite.  (Dun worry tho…they didn’t go to waste b/c I added it to my half.  lol)


Headcheese ($7)–House Marinated Pork Headcheese, House Pate, Cilantro, Jalapeno, Daikon Relish, Marinated Onion, Fish Sauce Vinaigrette, Mayo

–In the past, Mike and I have had REALLY bad headcheese and pate banhmi.  It’s been hard, cold and just…plain bad.  He was really hesitant to order this but I was SUPER confident that Chef Eric Park would make it the right way.  AND WAS I RIGHT!! =)  This was the most amazing headcheese & pate banhmi.  The pate was soft and flavorful.  The headcheese melted in your mouth and the veggies/toppings really brought out those flavors.


I can’t wait to go back to Hero Shop LA and try the other incredible sandwiches (like the BBQ Pork & Fatty Brisket), the Rice Bowls (I am dying to try the coconut rice in them!), and the Lemongrass Tofu Salad.  Oh MANNNN.

Hero Shop Opens to the public today, so please go out and TRY IT!!


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