Republique…I have such mixed feelings about this place.  Walking in the ambiance and decor are impressive.  Clean lines, romantic lighting, communal tables, and sleek open kitchen concept.  You also notice right away that everyone is fashion forward and good looking.

From the moment we sat down until before we got our check, the entire experience was amazing and positive.  The wine was delicious, the food was fantastic, and our long communal table was intimate.  I”m normally really hesitant about French food but Republique really did it right.  (more on the food below)

MY BIGGEST complaint (hence the mix review) is the managerial staff.  Our waitress was super sweet, the bus boys were great, the cooks in the kitchen did a fab job on our food~~ but the managers were total assholes.  The two we interacted with that night were snobby and treated the waitstaff terribly in front of us.

One example is when the manager offered to de-bone our sole fish.  He stopped mid-way, looked pissed and then walked around our table to the kitchen (which was next to us) and threw the dish at the cooks.  It was SO RUDE.  He didn’t say a word and just walked away.  Everyone in the kitchen was really confused and looked at the plate to see what was wrong.  I guess it was undercooked?  So they cooked it longer and then gave it back to us.  Just seeing how poorly he treated everyone really put us off our meal.  Second example was at the end of the night, the credit card machines were down so we couldn’t pay our bill.  We had to wait an HOUR and the manager acted like it was no big deal.  We began complaining so much b/c of our wait that he FINALLY allowed the waitress (who apologized profusely during that hour) do record our cards manually to bill at a later time.  The way the manager handled the situation was terrible.  We saw him yell at the waitress when she asked if she could manually record it so that we could leave, and he never offered us any complimentary items while we waited for an HOUR.  We were totally done with our food and just had to sit around twiddling our thumbs.  It totally ruined our plans for after the birthday celebration and really ruined our perception of Republique.  At the end, we kept telling them we were upset and told the manager he should have offered us something an HOUR ago (like free drinks or dessert) while they fixed the machines.  Only then did he give us stale day old pastries that we tossed.  It made us MORE angry.  A manager’s job is to assuage the situation.  We were really polite about the whole thing until the very end when the manager got ruder and ruder.  UGH.  Because of these two examples, I will NOT be returning to Republique.


Don’t mind my lipstick =P

This wine was really good.  Bold, smooth and oak-y =)


Cheers to the birthday girl!


The artisan bread that came out was warm and delicious.  Perfect for soaking slices of it into the buttery sauces of the dishes.


Pork Belly–wouldn’t recommend this item.  As good as it was, there wasn’t a lot of meat to eat.


Wild Arugula Salad–really good.  Loved the addition of mint.



meh–the puff pastry was a nice complement though


Eggs & Uni on Toast

really good.  the bread was a little too hard for my taste tho.



–AMAZING.  could have eaten 2 plates of these


Chocolate cake with a white russian


party favors from the birthday girl! socks and lip glosses from Korea =)


 These were the nasty pastries the manager gave us.  They were really stale and  never worth buying.



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