Rustic Canyon

ohhh man, How I LOVE Rustic Canyon.  It’s our go to place in LA when Markel and I want good food and drinks.

My friend was in town so we wanted to take her somewhere fanshy with delicious dishes and RC did NOT disappoint (I mean…does it ever??).

[note: Recently tho, RC took their famous burger off the menu b/c they didn’t want to be known as a burger restaurant.  That was pretty snobbish in my opinion.  The reason why the burger was so famous was b/c it was THAT good.  isn’t that a testament to your cooking??  It was up there with in and out and father’s office on LA food blogs.  *sigh *]

Anyway, back to the post…everything we got was OUT OF CONTROL amazing.  My favorite was the pesole below.  The balance of flavors and the unique ingredients they use always blow me away.  *sigh *  I’m drooling just looking at the pictures.  Please check out RC if you haven’t already~ you won’t regret it!  ESPECIALLY their wine/drinks menu.  They have such a fun eclectic mix of drinks that are all so tasty.

Seafood, Pesto Pesole


Sole Fish


ricotta gnocchi
oxtail, strawberry sofrito, pine nut, fennel pollen


Burratta and Polenta with a chickpea garnish


Pim’s Cup–SO YUMMY




Went to Scoops Ice Cream after Dinner =)  LOVE IT THERE.  Their flavors are so unique and tasty.



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