Anniversary Dinner

Last Night Markel and I Celebrated our 1 year anniversary. =)  Since it fell on Easter and no restaurants were open, we opted to cook dinner at home instead.  I usually get really really specific cravings for food and so I listed them all to him and WAHLA~~ our Anni Dinner had everything I requested!

But FIRST~~~ At our wedding, we had three wine/champs bottles for our guests to sign.  We were going to open them on our 1, 5 and 10 year anniversaries. ❤  This is the first one we opened!  It was so fun to open up a bottle with everyone’s signatures on there~~ really took us back to the big day!





adorable little hashtag from my B ❤


Now…Onto the FOOD!!

I was really wanted crispy bacon and hard boiled eggs.  So OBVIOUSLY markel thought of a blue cheese wedge salad!  oh man, i have no idea why but i love eating wedge salads in this shape.  cut up lettuce just isn’t the same.  beautifully plated by markel too right??


next, my big craving was for steak with chimiccuri sauce.  we found out last night that it was SUCH an easy peasy sauce to make too!!  we talked about all the things we wanted to add it to in our future~~ lol ~~ so you’ll be seeing more of it!  only true fatties would talk about food when we’re eating food right?

wpid-20140420_194830.jpgthis artichoke is out of control on our plates.  for some reason this has become an inside favorite and we have it on special occasions or when we’re feeling silly.  lol  not sure how to explain it but it’s a fun treat for special moments.

(ps–don’t worry we did NOT eat all this food.  we had so much leftover it was embarrassing. haha we have bigger eyes than stomachs)


oh mama…i’ve been craving cupcakes for so long.  the cheesecake and cupcakes REALLLLY hit the spot!



Markel’s Gift to Me!  He bought restored wood and cut it into the shape of california!  the white lights represent major cities in the state and the red lights are where we’re from (sacramento + diamond bar). ❤


Lucy was so pooped from spending Easter with Markel’s family she slept quietly and let us have a nice dinner for two. ❤

(her arm looks so funny doesn’t it?? haha)



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