Cafe Brasil

Cafe Brasil was a surprise find near our place in Palms.  We wanted to walk with Lucy somewhere and check out a place we hadn’t tried before…and wahla!  Cafe Brasil.  it’s a really small unassuming place that kinda looks half tent-half shack.  but the yelp reviews were good and the menu seemed tasty.

we sat outside because we brought our puppy, but the inside seemed cozier with cool decorations.

m ordered the Havana sandwich (top sirloin steak with low fat cheese, lettuce and salsa) and Tropical drink (fresh mango & passion fruit juice with grenadine)

I ordered the   Fresh Mango Juice and a chicken dish (forgot the name) with black bean soup.

the Havana sandwich is really good.  markel inhaled it within minutes~~ the meat was on the dry side but the way everything was prepared and put together in the sandwich was tasty.

my chicken was good, but i don’t think i would order it again.  there was a layer of cheese that was rubbery because it had cooled before it got to the table.  The chicken was juicy but the cheese bothered me.

both juices we ordered were REALLY good and fresh.  we were glad we tried two different ones.

my favorite was the plantains.  they were soooo yummy.

overall this was a fun place to try and i would love to go back~ i’ll just try a few different things on the menu before ordering my chicken again.





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