Instant Yook Gae Jang

Yook Gae Jang is one of my faaavorite korean soups.  I always ask Mama Chang to make it in the winter since it’s hearty and spicy~~

But…since she’s in Hawaii and I am no cook…I tried this instant version from the Korean Market.  This Oh Ddoo Ki brand is always on sale (good sign or bad sign?) but I tried it and it wasn’t bad.  The soup was no where near the homemade version but I wouldn’t mind trying this again when I need a spicy soup to go with my rice. =)


It was SUPER easy to make (just add water + egg) and wahhla!  I think next time I wouldn’t mind adding a little spinach, mushroom and green onion too.


If you’d like a real recipe for this amazing soup, here is a good one: click here


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