Starbucks Gold Member

I’ve totally forgotten to really blog about this!  I am now a starbucks gold member.  I got my membership last December and I’m seriously thrilled to be a honored gold card holder.  I have no idea what it is about this membership that makes me want it so much but last year I decided that this was going to be one of my fattie/foodie goals.  LOL  I now get free drinks every 12 I buy and get discounts on a number of things.  Oh and I get a free drink on my birthday. ❤

Aside from those superfluous details, I love using the starbucks app that holds the account details and balance.  I never have to worry about money or where my card is because it’s all on my phone.  SO CONVENIENT when I’m on the go.

Not sure if anyone else is thinking about getting this but i find that it’s super convenient to have.  Plus, it helps that starbucks is one of my favorite chains and there is a location every half mile!



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