Eveleigh in West Hollywood

A few months back I went to the most beautiful bridal shower at Eveleigh in West Hollywood.  Not only was the venue beautiful with a gorgeous scenic view of LA, but the food was out of this world.  I absolutely LOVED this place and can’t wait to go back.  If you’re looking for a brunch spot, bridal shower/baby shower space, or even to go on a romantic date~~ check this place out!!


the beautiful bride to be


Our party was so big that we had a set menu of items and it was all so AMAZING.



avocado toast
espelette pepper, boiled egg gribiche


spiced apple bread
lemon yogurt

20140308_121700 20140308_122142

truffled fries


baked eggs
b l o o m s d a l e s p i n a c h , s h i m e j i m u s h r o o m s ,
drake family farm chevre, arugula


‘bubble & squeak’ 14
corned beef, spinach & fingerling potato hash,
scotch egg


spelt hot cakes
s u g a r e d b o s c p e a r, w h i p p e d h o n e y c o m b


mixed salad with seeds and a light dressing~ delicious

20140308_123447 20140308_123455

sprinkles cupcakes for dessert ❤


our amazing group of ladies~~

IMG950964 IMG953794


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