Homemade Bruschetta







somtimes i get such a mean craving for bruschetta~ not the kind at a restaurant but the kind i can make at home.  (i think mine is always better.  lol)

for this recipe above, i toasted good quality sour dough bread on the stove top in olive oil.  in a bowl, i chop up sweet red tomatoes and add a drizzle of olive oil, balsalmic and a dash of salt and pepper.  then i put the tomato salad on top of the toasted sourdough.  just to make this dish even MORe light and fresh, i put a little mixed greens on top (no dressing). add chopped up balsalmic and/or avocado as well.  i didn’t have any but i would have added that.

this is one of my faaavorite summer snacks to make after work or for dinner.

i kinda play this one by ear and taste.  I use a little dash of this and that until the flavors are what i want.

for actual recipes, please click here, here or here!


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