Sycamore Kitchen

Sycamore Kitchen is my new all time favorite place to eat brunch and take new friends who are visiting LA.  The food is phenomenal and the decor is gorgeous (rustic and chic).

My friends from Sacramento were here visiting and I knew we HAD to go here! =)

–cant remember all the desserts/baked goodies we got but they were all phenomenal.  the cupcake below was my favorite but the cornmeal slice was the favorite of a few guys at the table.



iced cubano coffee…TO DIE FOR.  i could drink 100 of them.


smoked salmon on toast.  it was delicious but small.  i like a hearty breakfast.


Yucatan Bowl – Chicken tinga, black beans, corn tortilla, fried egg, avocado, pico de gallo (12)

SOOO FREAKING DELICIOUS.  I almost stole this dish from my friend.  Absolutely amazing.  hands down the best thing i’ve had at sycamore kitchen.  my only request (to the chef if you’re reading) is to add rice.  that would have totally made my day!


Eggs Benedict – Honey-sherry glazed pancetta, poached eggs, fried rosemary, hollandaise (12.50)


Double B-LTA, crispy and braised pork belly, butter lettuce, balsamic, tomatoes, avocado, mayo, country bread (11.75)


if you haven’t been to sycamore kitchen i highly recommend it!  the ambiance is gorgeous, they’re dog friendly, the waitstaff is nice, and the food is amazing.


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