The Coop in Culver City

markel and i stayed in for dinner recently and tried a new pizza place by our house called The Coop.  people in our area RAVE about it and well…it was just aiite.  NOTHING compared to Mulberry Pizza.  If you haven’t heard me say this enough…Mulberry’s is THE BEST pizza.  dare i even say, the best in the world??  lol  no but really, mike said mulberry’s in LA was better than anything he tried in NYC this last time around.

(posts about the pizza here and here)

oh right…back to the coop…the crust was really chewy and tasted a little like it wasn’t fully cooked.  i dunno… it was ok.  i probably won’t ever go back, but i’m glad i tried it.


meatball sub was good too.  not the BEST, but good.  better than the pizza.  >.<



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