Cheeky’s in Palm Springs

 My last meal in Palm Springs was at Cheeky’s.  I heard SO MUCH about this place and couldn’t wait to try their bloody marys!  The wait for C’s can be really long (35-60min) and they don’t take reservations.  boy…

overall i really liked cheeky’s.  i’d totally recommend it to people and feel like it’s a part of the palm springs experience.


FINALLY trying their bloody mary’s!  It was a little strong for my taste, but it was still good.  The vodka soaked veggies were a nice touch.  i was disappointed it didn’t come in the iconic boot.

IMG_0490 IMG_0491

eggs benedict on cheddar biscuits.  REALLY REALLY good.


bacon sampler was $5.  the samplers had different marinades on there.  to be honest…it all tasted the same: like bacon.  But i did like the nodine applewood and jalepeno flavors the best.


mike got a crab cake burger was not good.  dont’ get it.  flavorless and there needed to have a crunch in the burger or a really great sauce.


the birthday cake i got the night before was eaten at brunch the next day.  people were so full we saved it for brunch. ❤


there’s something about this city that totally sucks me in.  i’m obssessed with the palm trees, hot weather, the gorgeous home decor stores and lounging by the pool.  if you make your way to to the city, i highly recommend staying at a boutique hotel like The Colony and brunching at Cheeky’s. =)  Happy Summer Everyone!


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