Tommy Bahamas in Palm Springs/Palm Desert

For my 30th birthday I went to palm springs with 35 of my closest friends. ❤  It was the most amazing trip (stayed at the Marriott Shadow Ridge) with good food, pool time fun and games.

 For dinner I wanted to go somewhere close by, easy to drive to, and easy to find parking (free parking).  Tommy Bahamas was just that place.  The staff were incredibly friendly, accommodating and helped me set up a menu and price plan and let us use a private patio.  The area where we ate dinner was gorgeous and I’m so glad we had it there. the restaurant even printed menus with my birthday theme on there and a prefixed menu for my guests to choose from.  (it was $45 per person including tax, tip, non-alcoholic drinks, and dessert)

Overall, TB was a nice place to have a big dinner party and i’m really happy with how everything turned out.  there were some mediocre parts (they charge you a service fee for reserving with a person, but never tell you, there are crickets in the bathroom, the dessert is NOT good), but overall the service and the ambiance were perfect for this 30th birthday dinner.

now, on to the food!


Filet Mignon

(REALLY delicious.  the steak, the mashed potatoes, and the broccoli)

tiger shrimp pasta

(meh…too much going on.  slap you in the face flavor)


my lovely coconut cake for my birthday ❤

(it was aiite.  i think i had 1 bite and stopped)


the bite of dessert for the guests

(didn’t get to try it but no was raved about how delicious it was…so *shrug *)


 my amazing friends ❤




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