Greek/Mediterranean Feast: Pita Bar

Last week Markel made the most delicious feast with greek salad and lamb pita pockets last month and I just had to share.  Each part of the meal was so thoughtfully put together.  Here’s our spread below!

Greek Salad with Greek Olives, Onions (soaked in ice water to cut the edge off), feta cheese, onions and romaine lettuce.  TO DIE FOR DELICIOUS.

IMG_0558 IMG_0559

markel made his own hummus!  it was SO good.  better than any store bought one i’ve ever had.  he made it a little heavy on the garlic as well since that’s what i love ❤

(simliar hummus recipe here)

IMG_0560 IMG_0561

marinated lamb cut into really juicy bites for the pitas or just to eat with the pita and hummus.  YUMMY  Mike loves to cook untraditional meats like lamb and veal.

paired this entire meal with a red wine (not the best one, but it did the trick)


here’s a picture of our “pita bar”.  SO YUMMY.  This is definitely something i can’t wait to eat again soon.



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