Overland Cafe in Culver City

Overland Cafe was one of my favorite brunch places on the westside.  Not only was it just a few blocks away (walking distance) but their food was good and their unlimited champagne brunch was cheap and bomb.  The restaurant expanded which meant that the SUPER LONG wait was reduced to only 5-10 minutes long.

This last Saturday…something really annoying happened.  Our entire meal was $50 and we put 3 cards down (split by three, easy right?).  But no…the cashier charged each of us $50.  I went up to him and explained the situation and he didn’t apologize.  Instead he just explained he misread the waitresses’ handwriting and thought the bill was $150.  uhh…ok?  Very long story short, the entire conversation wasn’t a good experience.  He seemed every nonchalant about the error and acted like we were weird for being concerned.  Our waitress ended up being a manager and explained the situation and how they could fix it.  We felt better after listening to her but it still didn’t make the situation any better.

We left  no tip and had a bad taste in our mouths as we were leaving.  I was sad about it because I really loved Overland.  Customer service is everything and well…apparently Overland doesn’t think so.

I would say~ go at your own risk and pay with cash.


Huevos Divorciados

–really really good.  i had it with over easy eggs.  It was really good and I thought that soft scrambled eggs would have been delicious too.



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