Honeymee in Koreatown


honeymee is the new big thing in ktown (in terms of desserts) and i couldn’t WAIT to try it.  i saw so many people posting adorable pics, i had to as well. =P

i got the “honeymee” which came with milk ice cream, a drizzle of honey and a honeycomb.  The ice cream was good, rich and thick.  Like you could really taste the milk.  THe rest of it…meh.   I normally readlly don’t like honey, but i thought eating fresh honey would taste different.  it doesn’t.  yes it’s better than the generic honey you buy in stores, but it didn’t turn me into a honey lover.  I also had no idea what to do with the honeycomb. do you eat it?  do you suck on it?  so out of pure confusion i just left it as is.

overall, this is a place i’m really glad i tried but i have no plans to go back.  the ice cream was good and different, but not something i can see myself craving.

TIP: Check in on yelp and get 50 cents off your order!IMG_0839 IMG_0840


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