EMC Seafood in Koreatown


I recently had this CRAZY craving for oysters and lobster rolls (with butter sauce) and we looked at the top six favorites on yelp:

1. Son of a Gun

2. Lobsta Truck

3. EMC Seafood and Raw Bar

4. Wink’s Lobster and Seafood

5. Lobster and Fork

6. Connie and Ted’s

Our friends who had been to some of these restaurants said the EMC and Lobsta Truck were their two favorites, so we went to EMC first (LT is next on our list!).  This was my second time at EMC and mike’s first.  I would have to say…this experience was very mixed.

We arrived at EMC at 6:50pm (their happy hour is 4-7) and put our names down.  The hostess said it would be about 35 minutes.  So we went to the bar and ordered oysters while we waited for our table.  The oysters took a while b/c everyone does a rush order before 7, but it was no big deal b/c we were waiting for our table anyway.  The entire time we were at the bar, the line to get a table was RIDICULOUSLY long and there were TONS Of empty tables inside the restaurant (i counted at least 6).  I was annoyed about it but mike said that restaurants need to stagger the tables so that the kitchen doesn’t get too crazy.  uhh fine.

 After eating the oysters (which were DELICIOUS), paying our bill and hanging out at the bar, we went back to the hostess who told us it would be another 25-35 minutes.  I was really surprised.  It had already been 30 minutes, what do you mean I have to wait ANOTHER 30??  I was really upset b/c i felt like they had lied.  the hostess explained that her wait times were always estimates and not guarantees~ blah blah blah.  i didn’t care b/c i was angry.  (did i also mention that the hostesses seemed incredibly overwhelemed the entire night?  and b/c of that they were really rude and dismissive??)  ughhh

So Markel and I went back to the bar where the bar tender was surprised we were back (in a really nice way).  We explained the situation and he felt so bad for us that he gave us complimentary drinks!  It seriously perked us right back up and made us feel really good.  I mean, I always say it and I’ll say it again….SERVICE IS EVERYTHING.  The food can be sub-par but if the service is impeccable, i’ll keep coming back.

The bartender TOTALLY saved our night and we ended up ordering the full size lobster roll and the tuna tartare.  LOVED the lobster roll but wish it had a little crunch to it with lettuce or a light coleslaw.  The tuna tartare was too sweet for us.  There was a weird glaze on it that we’ve never had on it before and we weren’t fans.  If you’re going back, check out the oysters for sure!  The garlic noodles, uni noodles, and clam chowder are delicious there!

IMG_0836 IMG_0837 IMG_0838


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