Go Get Em Tiger: Sweet Tea Latte


Go Get Em Tiger is the cutest coffee shop on Larchmont that I just discovered.  My friends had heard about this place as one of the best in LA and well…they were completely right.  The coffee was DELICIOUS: creamy, rich, just the right amount of sweet… very impressive.  The ambiance, sleek decor and pastries were all really impressive.  I especially loved the coffee bar where the baristas look like their mixing fancy cocktails. =)

love it!  totally recommend this place for LA natives and tourists alike.  Go Get Em is simliar in style to blue bottle, philz and cafe dulce ~~  all very delicious, gourmet, and straight up fanncy. =)  It’s also next to the cutest brunch places and boutiques so plan to spend the entire afternoon on that block AND if you go on Sundays there’s a farmer’s market across the street!

230 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 380-5359




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