Tamales Bay Oysters in San Francisco

tamales bay oysters

oh man...tamales bay is one place that i recently visited that is now one of my favorite places of all time.  basically the venue provides you with fresh muscles, oysters and clams.  You can reserve picnic tables (with bbq stands) and bring your own food and alchie (beer & wine only).  From there you basically spend the rest of the day chilling with friends, eating great food and pigging out on delicious seafood. =)  AND the area is gorgeous.  what’s not to love right?

a group of us went there for my bestie’s 30th birthday party and it was REALLY REALLY FUN.  i seriously want to go back every summer!


grilling oysters~~ yummm they came out a little chewy and didn’t have the sea/ocean taste oysters normally come with.  if you’re squeamish about oysters i would totally recommend grilling them!


some of the alchi we had ❤

IMG_1375 IMG_1376

markel shucked oysters for the first time and REALLLY loved it.  he can’t wait to have a shucking party at our place soon!

IMG_1351 IMG_1353

somebody’s pretty freaking proud of themselves right now… lol

IMG_1354 IMG_1356 IMG_1357

 our birthday girl got mike’s first shucked oyster

IMG_1360 IMG_1366

we brought different dressings/sauces for the oysters


the birthday girl ❤

IMG_1379 IMG_1385

more pictures of our wonderful day including the BEST present in the world.  who doesn’t want a pinata of themselves??? muhahaha

IMG_1309 IMG_1319 IMG_1323 IMG_1333 IMG_1347

the weather was a little cloud but it was a gorgeous day to be out.  the bbq pits and the crowd totally kept everyone warm and toasty too. ❤

IMG_1447 IMG_1461


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