Pho Show in Culver City

Mike and I went to Pho Show yesterday for dinner and I was super psyched.  I’ve always wanted to try this place and it just worked out that it was on our way home. =)

The staff was incredibly friendly, there were lots of fun seating options (plus wine & beer!), and the best part was that the menu had an amazing selection.  There were both vietnamese and chinese options.  the spring roll and egg roll selection reminded me of brodards in westminster~ which is by far the BEST vietnamese food i’ve ever had.  their egg rolls and spring rolls are TO DIE FOR.  this time mike and i only got the normal shrimp spring rolls but we totally hope to come back soon and try the rest!






I ordered veggie pho and mike got rare steak pho.  We also got shrimp spring rolls as an appetizer.  i dunno if this is true or not…but i personally judge a restaurant based on their spring rolls.  if they can’t get this one right, then i know the rest of the food will suck.  could this be a legit theory?  anyone else feel this way??

luckily, the spring rolls that came out were ON POINT.  REALLY REALLY good, well balanced and wrapped tightly.  you wouldn’t BELIEVE how many restaurants don’t know how to wrap spring rolls!

the pho was really good too.  since i’ve never gotten veggie before, i don’t have a lot of experience to compare it with anything.  but my beef broth was clean, light and flavorful.  the veggies were also perfectly blanched so that there was some crunch to it as i was eating.  mike picked out all his delicious meat first and loved every bite of his bowl too.

i am REALLY REALLY excited to say that we found a new pho/vietnamese/chinese restaurant near our house and this will for sure be out go to place from now on.  before we left we even put in our phone number and address so that it could make future deliveries THAT much easier.  LOL  yes…we are fatties.

Anway, if you’re in the area please check them out!


Address: 4349 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230


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