Blockheads on Sawtelle

i know…i write about this place often and VISIT this place a few times a month (eek).  but it’s just THAT amazing.  after a few visits, i got my order DOWN.  i always get strawberry shaved ice, with strawberries and strawberry puree.  OR black sesame shaved ice with strawberry puree and strawberries.  SOMETIMES i splurge for their homemade rice balls (to die for) but i usually keep it simple.

SO FREAKING AMAZING.  it’s the one place we HAVE to go to when my brother flies in from hawaii.  he always gets the green tea mix (menu option #2) and replaces the red bean for lychee.

if you haven’t tried blockheads, you’re seriously missing out.  it’s the most delectable shaved ice (i believe it originated from taiwain) and it feels like clouds in your mouth.  so fluffy, perfectly sweet, and so flavorful!  the shaved “ice” (i think it’s frozen condensed milk) comes in a huge cup but it’s the way the shaved ice is layered.  you’ll be licking the bowl in like 10 seconds after you can’t stop shoveling it in your mouth.  i swear…this is dessert crack.




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