Teasia K-Cup Teas


I was lucky enough to try these k-cups over the weekend and I totally loved each one of these!  The Roasted Oolong Tea was my favorite and the Black Tea was Markel’s favorite.


Mike and I did a really fun “tasting” of all the teas together and loved each of them.  The oolongs were light and mild.  The black tea was strong with a slight bitterness.  And the green tea tasted…like classic green tea.  I”m not a huge fan of the matcha green tea flavor so this was PERFECT.  It was milder and delicious.


beautiful colors right?!

One cool tip Teasia taught me was that you can run the k-cups through twice!  So after the first round of hot teas, I ran each of them through for iced tea and it was really refreshing.  I liked that the tea was a bit lighter and that you could use one cup twice.  (uhh hello budget friendly!)

I’m pretty addicted to coffee but as I’m trying not to drink it past 12pm.  These Teasia K-Cups have been the perfect afternoon pick me up in the office and at home.  LOVE the flavors and the fun I had with the stronger and lighter versions.



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