Lolindas in Mission, San Francisco

Went to Lolindas in SF two weeks ago and it was PHENOMENAL.  I always compare restaurants to Rustic Canyon b/c to me, that’s my go-to place in LA.  Lolinda is seriously in the same tier and I can’t wait to go back!!

l (9)

amazing cocktails at the bar.  i think i had about 3 different ones and they were all perfect.  mixology is no joke~~ the strangest combinations seriously create the most perfectly balanced cocktail.


the lighting inside of the lolinda wasn’t very camera/photo worthy~ plus my party was HUNGRY HUNGRY so these pics are from Lolinda’s Yelp page (thank you fellow fatties!).  absolutely EVERYTHING was amazing and i recommend it all!

Bone Marrow

l (1)


l (2)

l (3)

empanadas~ we tried all of them with each of their sauces.  i think the chicken was my favorite.

l (5)

mixed meat plate

l (6)

grilled octopus salad (my FAVORITE dish of the night)

l (8)

we ordered a bunch of other small plates and literally…everything was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  the entire night was filled with good food, friends, cocktails and service.  We sat upstairs where it was cozier and quieter~ which we loved.  made us feel like we had a private room or something in our corner.

if you’re in the area or visiting, you HAVE to check this place out.  parking can be a pain~ but they have valet!  plus there are tons of bars in mission that you can go to after dinner. =)  the perfect night out with friends if you ask me.


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