Meet in Paris, downtown Culver City


i got the all you can eat muscles + fries and it was really good.  i had a lot of fun with the food, the ambiance, and trying some of the 17 different types of muscles!

my favorites were the alaskan and the lobster bisque.  i tried about 5 different kinds and these were HANDS DOWN my favorite.

also had a bite of the burger and it was good (not great).  service was also PAINFULLY slow.  not sure why.  they were really friendly but getting refills on water and bread…forget about it.

next time i really want to try the madam croque

parking can be quite a pain so make sure to allot some time for that.  always park in the garages if you can!

(sorry for the bad pictures.  i took them with my phone and the restaurant lightly was dim)


yummmmmmmmmm the muscles and fry combo were clutch



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