Lobsta Truck

back in july i went through a really crazy lobster roll craving (post here).  during that time i wanted to try the lobsta truck but i was never near the area that they would be in.  FINALLLYYY last week i got to try it!!

Overall i’d give this place a 4/5 stars.  REALLY great customer service, lots of lobster meat (which is rare) and they had made arrangements for us to sit inside scoops ice cream and eat our meals (instead of just standing and eating).

wpid-20140812_190832.jpg wpid-20140812_190836.jpg wpid-20140812_190841.jpg

sorry this pic is so blurry!  but this was the lobster roll with mayo

i liked this roll the best.  lots of great flavors and the mayo mix really enhanced the lobster roll.


sarsaparilla soda

(bleh…never order this)


lobster bisque

i liked the clam chowder a lot more.  the lobster bisque was too salty for me.  you can also add lobster meat to the soups for an extra charge!


another blurry pic, sorry guys.  this one was the lobster roll with butter.  really good and it was all about the lobster meat.


after dinner of course we got ice cream at scoops.  below i got the cream cheese coffee.  SO FREAKING DELICIOUS~~~ i love their flavors

wpid-20140812_195055.jpgcheck out the next stop for the lobsta truck!  here’s their link: click here


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