Easy Homemade Bibimbap


Cooking is for SURE not my forte.  If I have a whole day to prepare for a meal or a party, I can do it.  But cooking dinner after work is really really hard.  (Anyone with me??)

So, to make dinners easy at home, I go to the Korean Market on Sundays and buy a ton of side dishes that can easily be eaten with rice or in bibimbap.  That way after work I just need to put things together.  Below I grabbed some of my favorite side dishes, added it on top of freshly cooked rice and topped it with a fried egg and some roasted sesame seeds.  (I have a really heavy sesame seed hand.  My mom always laughs about how I can never put on a sprinkle, I dump a huge serving down. *Sigh *).  Oh, and one really cool trick that my mom added to bibimbap was lettuce!  It adds a delicious, fresh crunch to this hot dish.

xo  Happy Hump Day!! xo  Hope this little tip helps you busy folk!

IMG_1799 IMG_1826


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