Mala’s in Maui


HOLY CRAP, I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS PLACE.  i think about it ALL THE TIME.  weird right?  lol  but the food here was BOMB and the best part was sitting out on the patio overlooking the ocean and having huge sea turtles come up to the water’s edge.  mike LOVES turtles so this was his dream come true!

oyster shooters

i can’t even begin to describe how amazing these oyster shooters were.  i mean down to every freaking detail~ the entire shot was balanced in flavor and tickeled every taste bud in your mouth.  even people who don’t love oysters…i can’t imagine this wouldn’t be delicious to you.


seared ahi tuna bruschetta

–solid dish.  the aged balsalmic around the dish was bomb too.  we literally tried to lick the plate clean~ that’s how amazing this dish was!



–again.  SOLID.  we scraped up all the buttery sauce with the pita bread b/c it was so bomb.


If you’re in maui for vacation, Mala’s is a MUST VISIT location.  you’d be crazy to miss out!!


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