Geste Shrimp Truck in Maui

OH MAN… the Geste Shrimp truck is and will always be my FAVORITE one ever.  More bomb than Giovanni’s.  Geste not only had a different side salad (crab mac salad!), but the flavors were better, the rice was tastier… all around it was INCREDIBLE.  Markel and I ate in our car (b/c there were no tables/seating) and it was just bites of heaven.  Our favorite was the spicy pineapple.  i’m seriously salivating as i write this post…that’s how amazing the geste shrimp truck is.  it’s on a random highway near the airport and it’s LITERALLY the only truck there.  so easy to miss and you wouldn’t believe that it was so popular…but whaddayaknow…it’s the best i’ve ever had.

Hawaiian Scampi


Spicy Pineapple



One thought on “Geste Shrimp Truck in Maui

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