Food/Flavors of Hawaii

okie here are the rest of the hawaii pics.  Most of these are at home with my mama (love her cookin)!

this below is chicken soup (yup the whole friggin thing) and my mom calls it “son in law” soup.  Where mike has to eat the entire thing for BREAKFAST.  hahaha  uhhh this is to the guy that never eats breakfast, nevertheless, anything before noon.  He always struggles to eat it and when she’s not looking I try to help the poor guy out.  But the most endearing part of it all is that my mom loves to feed mike and make sure that he’s gotten enough protein in him.  lol


the best shaved ice on the island.  *droool *  i dream about this place all the time



my mom’s delicious stir fry!


on the cruise for my mama’s bday~~~  mai’ tai’s all around!


adorable mama chang packed us food for our plane ride back to Cali.  She made masubi’s and korean california rolls.  she loves her family through her cooking and it totally shows.  she’s always prepared!!

(i blame the tire around my belly on her~~ it’s always been there and it’s there to stay with this kind of delicious home cookin!)


That’s all folks!  no more hawaii pics to share.  BUT mike and i are thinking of going to Hawaii for Christmas and NYE this year to spend time with my family~~ so i’m keeping my fingers crossed!!  There were so many delicious places to eat that I didn’t get to try yet… can’t wait to go back! xoxo


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