Blaze Pizza in Culver City

 Mike has wanted to try this place since we moved to Palms and a few weeks ago we finally got the chance!  My brother flew in from Hawaii so we grabbed a quick meal on the way home from the airport and this was seriously the perfect take out to grab.  The pizzas are flash cooked and the way that you pick your toppings/order is like chipotle or 800 degrees.  You can either choose one of their pizzas or you can build your own.  We choose 2 pizzas on the menu and a caesar salad and my brother chose to build his own…

(not pictured) the blood orange lemonade.  it was the biggest thing to order on yelp and well it was tasty.  pretty sweet for me tho, so i added water to mine.  not sure i would pick this drink again in the future…

 Meat Lovers (sausage, pepperoni, onion)

–really good (mike could have done without the onion tho)


the build your own pizza

–he chose some interesting toppings but he LOVED it


caesar salad

–i could have done without this one.  the leaves weren’t fresh…which made me question everything else about it.


margharita pizza

–who doesn’t love this kind??  soooo goood.  they salt and peppered the top at the end which really brought out the flavors



the crust at blaze pizza is all gluten free so that’s kinda the first thing you notice~~ but the crust is crispy and thin and really easy to eat.  i would say i still like 800 degrees over blaze, but it’s a really great place to pick up fresh pizza on the go.


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